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Application and Work Samples – 2018

Applicants must first send in a written application, and at a later stage, submit work samples for evaluation. Applicants may also apply directly to the second year depending on space and provided they can show a higher degree of advanced knowledge as well as some prior art school experience. Applicants accepted to the first year automatically qualify for the second year.



A written application is required on the school’s specific application form. Download our application form, or contact us to have it sent to you by mail. The applications must be filled out in Swedish.  The applicant should have completed high school or equivalent and be able to demonstrate grades in Swedish 3 or b from high school. All teaching and lectures is conducted in Swedish. Upper secondary school qualifications in Swedish are mandatory for students from outside the Nordic countries.

The application must be post-marked at the latest by Monday May 21 2018.  

The application fee

The application fee is 150: - Insert into on the plusgiro No 448 28 89-5. Do not forget to write the sender's name. 

Work samples

Six work samples in the technique of your choice, at least three of which should consist of drawings, are to be submitted to the school by (date to be published soon).

The work samples must be clearly marked with name and address. Paintings and drawings must be mounted on cardboard or stretchers. One mounting board with several pictures is counted as one work sample.

Advice on work samples

The usual size of mounting boards is 100 x 70 cm, but we accept both larger and smaller sizes.
We recommend using a rigid, white or grey cardboard that can stand upright when leaned against a wall.

As a rule, it is preferable to show more rather than less. It can be tempting to only submit the best one has, but this could result in the submitted material being too scant to make an accurate assessment.

An application with work samples does not have to follow an exact format. You should, above all, apply with what interests you, and what is representative of your work. A work sample could, for example, consist exclusively of drawings. We also accept work samples in other media, such as film on CD/DVD etc.

We always prefer originals to colour printouts of paintings and drawings.

We do not recommend work samples larger than 150 x 100 cm nor do we accept large sculptures. In such cases, photographs are preferable.


Work sample dates

Work sample submission deadline: 22 Maj 2018 between 10.00-18.00.
Work samples sent by mail must arrive by 22 May 2018.
Work samples must be retrieved on 25 May 2018 between 10.00-18.00
– or sent back on request through the cash on delivery method.

The school will not be responsible for the submitted work samples. We will treat them with care, but will not take responsibility for any possible damages. Unretrieved work samples will be thrown away.

Admission results

The admission results will be sent by mail by 28 May 2018 , at the latest.

Application fee for accepted students

Upon receiving the admission results, accepted students must pay an application fee of 2000 SEK to be deposited in the school’s plusgiro account by 5 June 2015. This amount will then be subtracted from the term fee for the fall of 2015.

Plusgiro: 448 28 89-5, Stiftelsen Pernbys målarskola